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First project meeting, 2022 december, Berlin

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. 

The EQUALDIGITAL project is an initiative of FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin e.V. (FCZB) (Germany), together with Modus ry (Finland), Tartu Oskar Lutsu nimeline Linnaramautokogu (Estonia) and Media Partners (Romania).



Modus ry


Media Partners


Tartu Oskar Lutsu nimeline Linnaraamatukogu


Sibylle Würz

Frauen Computer Zentrum Berlin

The Women´s Computer Centre Berlin (FrauenComputerZentrum Berlin e.V. FCZB) is a non-profit organisation with about forty employees. The centre has been developing and implementing innovative training programmes for women in ICT at the regional, national and EU level since 1984. It targets women with different cultural and educational backgrounds as well as different needs. 

Our education, development and counselling projects with a gender and diversity sensitive framework are aimed to improve qualification and labour market opportunities, digital literacy in general, digital skills for educational staff as well as the gender-equitable design of the digital transformation.


The Pirkanmaa Design, Arts and Crafts association Modus (Pirkanmaan muotoilu- ja taideteollisuusyhdistys Modus ry) is a non-profit association established in 2002 in Tampere, Finland. Modus has about 70 members and 85% of them are female. 

Modus is a nationally renowned and recognised association that supports professional designers and artisans. The association collaborates with other cultural bodies and companies. 

The association helps to improve the general operational preconditions in the creative industry and integrates arts and culture to other industries. During the last three years, our focus has been in digitalization of the crafts and design sector.

Taina Laaksonen
Sanda Anca

Media Partners

Media Partners is a Romanian SME established in 2002. It specializes in training and consulting services for business development. The company has strong expertise in customized curricula design for training solutions addressed to different target groups. The training programs it offers are: – Entrepreneurial courses for adults, students and young people, based on customized entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship curricula; – Train the trainer courses; -Soft skills trainings coverings topics such as: leadership, communication, motivation, time management etc.

Tartu Oskar Lutsu Nimeline Linnaraamatukogu

Tartu Public Library is a library of Tartu city municipality, founded in 1913. Its’ system consists of one main library and five branch libraries. It is the second biggest and one of the busiest and most innovative libraries in Estonia. Library staff consists of 90 people, most of them are women. The library has years of experience in teaching, mainly digital skills and information literacy courses to various patron groups.

Library does close cooperation with other libraries, schools and cultural institutions. Our staff members belong to many kind of professional societies and like to network and share their knowledge and experiences both locally and internationally.

Mai Põldaas

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